The photo is updated every 3 minutes between the hours of 6am-9pm and the webpage reloads every minute to keep

the picture refreshed to the most recent one recieved.  The frequency and the photo presented will change during

events so we wont exceed our data plan limit and may not update as frequently.

***Alert!!!!   When the forecasted river level is expected to reach 46' and greater, the camera

view will be focused on the driveway at the lowest point of coverage.

Webcam img missing


Look above in the menu bar for a link, Current Weather, which will give conditions nearest the field. 

West Point, KY is the closest NWS reporting weather station and is located directly across the Ohio river
and reflects the most current weather and forecast nearest to the field.
***If you dont know how to read the wind chart for the speed and
direction, here is a quick link to what the symbol represents.  WIND BARBS