Rosewood RC Flyers




  1. All flyers must be a member or guest of a member of RRCF and must review and follow these Rules.  Every flyer must be a current member of the AMA and shall comply with the latest revision of the AMA Safety Code and Government Regulations for RC flight.
  1. Guests may fly at the RRCF Field a maximum of two (2) times in a year and then must become a member of RRCF.  (Exception for Special Events).
  1. All flyers must display their RRCF member card on their person before flying.  All guests must display their AMA card on their person before flying.  Frequency pins must be on 72 MHz transmitter when flying.
  1. No tables or tents on the taxiways.  No vehicles or trailers on the grass. 
  1. Approved mufflers are required on all engines over .051cid.
  1. All fueling of aircraft must be done on the concrete surfaces and a fuel overflow container must be used when fueling.  Aircraft may be started on the end of taxiways or on the concrete pad.  All turbine aircraft must be fueled and started on the Central concrete pad and the use of blast deflectors is recommended. A fire extinguisher must be available when operating turbine aircraft.

01/11/2023 Rev.5





  1. Recommend a minimum of two (2) people capable of driving be present before any flight activity may begin.
  1. The transmitter impound board must be used at all times except when using 2.4GHz radios.
  1. No flying out of the pit area, over the pit area, over the parking lot or off taxiways.
  1. All helicopters must be flown only from the concrete pads on the helicopter side of the field and must be flown between the concrete pads and Highway 111.  No flying from the asphalt parking lot or grass.  A spotter must always be used when flying helicopters.  When two or more aircraft are flying each pilot must have a spotter.
  1. Model hold-downs or helpers must be used in the pit area.  No pitting on or past the taxiways and no taxiing in the pit area.  Engines must be stopped or shut down at the cut-off lines on the taxiways.
  1. A maximum of four (4) airplanes may be airborne at one time.  A maximum of three (3) helicopters may be airborne at one time.  During events the Contest Director/Event Manager shall have control on the number of airborne aircraft.
  1. No alcoholic beverages are permitted on RRCF property.
  1. Discharging of firearms on RRCF property is not permitted.


01/11/2023 Rev.5