2024 Events

Event fliers and links will be provided on this page as they become available for publication. 

Please check back freguently to see what has been added and any important event notices.

2024 EDF Jet Jam

Dates: June 6 - 8, Thursday to Saturday

Event offsite link:  https://events.rcnation.com/event/8498

Registration: https://events.rcnation.com/register/8498  

Lodging:  Hilton 2024 Jet Jam



Mint Julep Scale Meet

Dates: June 14 - 16, Friday to Sunday

Registration: Friday 2:00PM -6:00PM & Sat. 8:00 AM till noon or end of first round of flying.

Lodging:  Open the flyer and lodging is listed for two locations

2024 MintJulepflier


Warbirds and Classics of the Bluegrass

Dates: July 25 - 27, Thursday to Saturday

Registration:  Registration OPENED  at 8pm EST March 4   

Event Lodging  is  available at Ceasars and Hampton Inn.  Details and links are on the Event page.



New event!!!  Derby City 3D Throw Down,  Fly In   Dates have been confirmed!!!!!

Dates: Aug 29 -Sep 1, Thursday to Sunday

Registration:  Details and contact info can be obtained by emailing Rick Amos, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Lodging:  Check through your preferred booking app near the field at

Caesars Casino Southern Indiana, Elizabeth IN

New Albany, Corydon and Clarksville IN 



Bill Beach Jet Classic

Dates: Oct 2 - 5, Wednesday to Saturday

Registration:  TBD

Lodging  TBD








EDF JET JAM , June 9-11  Great time had by all!

Link to pictures coutersy of Allen Rockwell, Thank you for the great shots



 MINT JULEP Scale Contest,






Select this link for pictures from contibutors of this past year event.  Warbirds 2023  ***Suggestion-right click link and open in a new tab or window





Terms and Conditions

The act of registering for this event is your AFFIRMATIVE CONSENT to the privacy and usage terms below.

Your Right to Your Personal Data. 

Rosewood RC Flyers will keep and use the data you provide to us ("Data") for the following purposes:

To fulfill your request to register for this event.

To permit Rosewood RC Flyers to view, process, modify, report on or otherwise interact with the information contained in your registration in order to fulfill our obligations to you pursuant to your registration.

To permit you to re-access your Data for any purpose you deem appropriate and as permitted by Rosewood RC Flyers (e.g. modifying selections after registration or changing personal information).

You have the following rights as it relates to the Data:

ACCESS The right of access, (e.g. the right to view your registration and personal Data);

CORRECTION The right to correction and removal of your personal Data;

CONSENT The right to impose restrictions on the use of your personal Data, provided that such requests do not unreasonably interfere with the event host's use of such Data in an effort to manage your registration.

ERASURE The right to request that Rosewood RC Flyers purge your personal data from our systems. Rosewood RC Flyers will comply with such requests except to the extent that such a request relates to an event that has yet to be held for which you are a registered attendee or to the extent that removal of such information would violate any law or regulation. In order to effectuate the erasure of a data subject record, please contact Rosewood RC Flyers at the destinations displayed atop our event website.

PORTABILITY The right to retrieve that data;


AMA Sanctioned Event Flight Safety Declaration

By signing the AMA Sanctioned Event Flight Safety Declaration, each participant attests to the fact that he/she has the appropriate experience to participate in the event or will be assisted by an experienced participant during any and all flights in which he/she may participate. All model aircraft (including control systems, if applicable), used in the event have previously been successfully test-flown and are therefore qualified to be flown in the presence of fellow participants, event officials, and all others who may be in

the flight area during the event period. If the pilot is flying one or more aircraft that weigh more than 55lbs, and/or are powered by gas turbine engine(s), the appropriate AMA document(s) have been provided to the Event Officials. In addition, for sanctioned competition events, the participant also attests that he/she and any and all model aircraft have previously successfully completed a flight, including, if applicable, all maneuvers intended or anticipated prior to the specific competition event, or any demonstration flights that may be within the competition event designated time period.


Gas Turbine Powered Airplanes or Helicopters

Flying a gas turbine powered model requires the pilot to have an AMA Gas Turbine Waiver for fixed-wing, helicopter or control line models. This credential will be printed on your current AMA membership card and may also be verified on the AMA website. If you do not have a Turbine Waiver, you cannot fly a turbine powered airplane or helicopter at this event, unless you are on a buddy-box with an experienced turbine waiver holder.


Large Model Airplane Program

AMA has a program to allow the flight of model airplanes weighing from 55lbs up to 125lbs. The owner must file with the AMA to obtain a Permit to Fly for each specific airplane. The pilot must show this document to the CD or EM prior to any flights of a LMA. Current LMA aircraft can also be verified on the AMA website in the PERMIT TO FLY document 520-C. The owner must have a Permit to Fly for each aircraft that he or she (or the designated pilot) flies.



Large Model Airplane 1 (LMA-1) … 55lbs. (25kg) to 77lbs. 2oz. (35kg) with fuel, ready to fly

Large Turbine Model Airplane 1 (LTMA-1) … 55lbs. (25kg) to 77lbs. 2oz. (35kg) with fuel, ready to fly

Large Model Airplane 2 (LMA-2) … 77lbs. 3oz. (35kg) to 125lbs. (56.7kg) with fuel, ready to fly

Large Turbine Model Airplane 2 (LTMA-2) … 77lbs. 3oz. (35kg) to 100lbs. (45.4kg) with fuel, ready to fly