Looking to start your hobby in Radio Controlled Flight?
Looking for a Southern Indiana flying field large enough
to fly your Turbine Powered Jet?

Contact one of our officials below to schedule your
first flight or get club membership information.







   Dale Arvin



    Vice President

    Bob Belloumini



   John McDill



    Mike Cadwell



   Board Member

Webpage / IT Admin

   Sam Woodard


  Board Member

  Safety Officer

     Jim Hiller

sam sheepdog

  Board Member

   Jeremy Arvin





We ask that anyone who desires membership for Rosewood RC Flyers to attend a monthly meeting for an application.

If work prevents you from attending a meeting, contact an officer or a board member to work out an alternative plan.

We are meeting each month via Zoom Meeting 

Club meetings are the 2nd Tuesday at 7:00 pm every month.

If you wish to "attend" contact one of our board members for the link to join us on the Zoom Meeting


       Club communications for club wide notices that memebers need to be made aware of come by two means, email and phone text. 
For email, the all-members email is a distrubtion list of all CURRENT members and is the primary contact used by the BOD/Field Operations Crew for notices
affecting club operations and general contact to the membership.  It has been found that some members have missed important notices pertaining to field closures due to needed maintance and upon further discovery, the email was found in the spam folder of the recipients email client.   
     The other communication avenue is the "txt to fly" phone text group which is managed by Mike Hartman and has been very useful in finding out who may be going to the field to fly or communicate with individual members through texting. 
     Both of these options are a big benefit when communicating short notices and important information that can not wait til the next scheduled club meeting.
The TXT to FLY texting is optional and understand that ceratin rates and cost maybe incured so we do ask that the club all-members email be required so you may be kept updated on club notices that may affect field operations and club business that requires membership awareness and feedback. 
Your attention to this will greatly improve our communication among all of you and the BOD/Officers.  The Field Operations Crew is currenlty being led by Earl Jr and Sr which we greatly appreciate their dedication and drive to maintain our club field to its great presentation to all. 


Rosewood Info Flyer 2022



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