Q: So where the heck is the airfield? I can't seem to find it.

A: The airfield is located near Rosewood, Indiana. The problem is that Rosewood doesn't show up on many maps since these days it is just one house! The address of the airfield is

11352 Old Highway 111 SE Elizabeth, IN 47117

The best way to find us is to take Highway 111 South from New Albany. Go past Caesars Casino and drive 10 more miles. You'll see a sign for Rosewood and 1/4 mile past that sign you'll see the airfield on the left.

Q: How do I become a member of RRCF?

A: That is pretty simple. Just fill out an application for membership and mail it to Ken Stewart. The address is on the application and you can find e-mail addresses on the "Contacts" page. New members are voted in at the next club meeting.

Q: But I am just beginning and don't know much about RC flying. Will I be welcomed at the airfield?

A: Absolutely! We were all beginners once and we have all crashed at one time or another. We love welcoming new people into the hobby and you'll get plenty of tips from fellow members. We have several instructors who will be glad to assist you if you need help. If you are brand new to the hobby just contact an instructor and see about taking some lessons, it's free! All of our instructors have been flying for many years and have a wealth of information to share.

Q: I'm just getting started in the hobby. What type of plane should I buy?

A: Good question! The best plane of a beginner is a high winged trainer type plane. You still have a lot of decisions to make, electric or glow power? What size plane to start with? But generally something like a Hobby Zone Super Cub is a good choice. You can buy a plane and transmitter and everything you need to get started in one package. That's called an RTF plane (Ready To Fly). If you're more of a hands on person then maybe an ARF kit would be better. (Almost Ready to Fly) ARF kits require some construction, running fuel lines and installing servos and a motor, but are pretty easy to build. They come pre-covered, so once you put it together it is ready to take to the field.

Q: What about helicopters? Does anyone fly helicopters?

A: Sure they do. We have many members who fly helis! Several members are extremely good and would love to show you what can be done with modern helicopters. They will be happy to show you how things work and give you tips on flying.

Q: Okay, I'm interested but I only have this one little ugly plane that I have crashed a few times. It's kind of embarrassing to show up with it. Is it okay to come on out to the field?

A: YES! We don't all fly magnificent works of art! Most of our planes have been crashed and repaired, or patched with packing tape. They may look nice from a distance but up close they are not perfect. We love all types of flying machines and you're not going to be judged by what you have.

Q: I have more questions that are not answered here, who can I ask?

A: Anyone on the contacts page will be happy to help answer questions. Just drop us a line and we will get right back to you.