Warbirds and Classics of the Bluegrass 2024

Warbirds and Classics of the Bluegrass 2024
Registration is OPEN!!!
Warbirds & Classics of the Bluegrass 2024
  Thank you for interest in attending the 2024 W&C Alliance event hosted by the Rosewood RC Flyers club at
Bill Beach Field, Rosewood Indiana.
Please read the following event details and if you have any further questions, you may contact the Event Directors at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Event Directors are Allen Whitaker (502)994-2613 and John McDill
Pilot registration
Fee is $60 per pilot for the three days.  Preregistration is preferred and availble if you wish to reserve flight line tent spaces.  Onsite registration is available also.
All pilots are required to check in upon arrival at the registration camper between the two pavillions.
Make sure you check the appropriate sections of acknowledgement for any Large model or Turbine declarations required by the AMA.
Pavillion Pit Spots
  The pit spots under the pavillions have all been spoken for as of the 2023 WAC event last year.  Allen has confirmed all spots have been confirmed for this year.   ****If you have confirmed a pavillion pit spot with Allen for this year, Do NOT pick a tent space on your registration.  Get with Allen on collecting your pit fee at the event.  To track you reservation of a Pavillion pit spot, when you register, please place a note "Pavilloin Pit" on your note section***
Flight Line Tent Rental
  Tent rental is $200 per each 10' x 20' section of 8 total spaces availabe.  If your needs require more than one 10'x20', you must indicate additional spaces on the registration to cover your needs. 
Flight Line Personal Canopies
Two areas allow first come first serve within the areas as indicated.   We ask that you limit your canopy to no more than 12 ft max width.
North Canopy area is the area between the last rental tent space and then north* to the trees along the parking lot edge.
South Canopy area is from the southern* pavillion to the end of the parking lot.
**Special notes of importance for canopies**
Very Important - NO stakes longer than 12" allowed to prevent possible puncturing our irrigation system.  If this is ignored, please know that you may be sent the bill for repairs.
If uncertian by any means, check with the Event Directors
* North is looking toward the power plant smoke stacks.
Rv and camper area
  This area is starting from the conex along the driveway on the flight line side and down to the trees.  This is primative camping with no hook ups.  You are responsible for waste disposal at an approved dump station of your choosing.
Any special request can be sent to the event Directors via email or call ahead of arrival to discuss your requirements. 
 Local Accommodations
Hampton Inn, 411 West Spring Str, New Albany, IN 47150     Select the link to see event rates.
      Distance from field is 19.1 miles, 24 minutes.  Near downtown New Albany and plenty of places to eat.
Ceasars Indiana, a block of rooms are availble and the cut off date to reserve is Monday June 24th.  Select
the link to see the rates and reserve your room
       Distance from field is 10.5 miles and 14 minutes.


Event Properties

Event Date 07-25-2024
Registered 22
Location Rosewood RC Flyers

Ticket Information

Ticket Type Price Available place
Event Landing Fee

Pilot Registration

$60.00 48
Flightline Tent Rental

10 x 20 space

$200.00 5
NUM First Name Last Name Days Attending State
1 Brian Ward All Days Illinois
2 Robert Boen All Days Illinois
3 Sam Parfitt All Days Ohio
4 Steve Forrest All Days Missouri
5 Stephen Bradford All Days Missouri
6 Mark Butrum All Days Missouri
7 Mathew Teresinski All Days Wisconsin
8 Steve Moulton All Days Illinois
9 Marty Bertels All Days Missouri
10 John Fischer All Days Illinois
11 Dennis Crooks All Days Indiana
12 John Hudak All Days Indiana
13 David Cotton All Days Illinois
14 Charles Hamilton All Days Indiana
15 Jeff Quesenberry All Days Minnesota
16 Jim Gibboney All Days Michigan
17 Douglas Blakeman All Days Kentucky
18 John McDill All Days Indiana
19 Dave Chew All Days Indiana
20 William Rademacher Friday, Saturday Kentucky
21 Tim Evans All Days Kentucky
22 James Schroder All Days Kentucky