*******  SPECIAL NOTICE **************


Bill Beach Field FAA FRIA has been approved!

Please familiarize yourself with the FAA FRIA and what this means to flying our RC aircraft



  Events Announcement  


Two remaining events are coming up, the Warbirds and Classic Alliance of the Bluegrass

is this month, startingThursday Sept 21st and registration is leading to a great turn

out of giant wabirds and classic aircraft.


Our last event of this year will be the Bill Beach Fall Jet Classic Oct 4-7 and the

registrants list is still growing with some bignames and big jets having signed up already.



**** Field Water For Consumption***

As of 7/9/23, we have the means to test the quality of the field water for consumption.  The results page

is accessible to members only and testing will be performed periodaclly to ensure the

water is safe to drink from the spigets. 

Memeber log in required and you will find the page link under the Memebers Only Menu over to the left . 



September Club Meeting Minutes are posted for memebers to read.
Select from the Meetig Minutes link to the left and select the current months link to open a PDF version.
 Next Club Meeting wil be set for Oct after the Beach Fall Jet Meet.
August meeting was a great turn out and flying was had by all!
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       Club communications for club wide notices that memebers need to be made aware of come by two means, email and phone text. 
For email, the all-members email is a distrubtion list of all CURRENT members and is the primary contact used by the BOD/Field Operations Crew for notices
affecting club operations and general contact to the membership.  It has been found that some members have missed important notices pertaining to field closures due to needed maintance and upon further discovery, the email was found in the spam folder of the recipients email client.   
     The other communication avenue is the "txt to fly" phone text group which is managed by Mike Hartman and has been very useful in finding out who may be going to the field to fly or communicate with individual members through texting. 
     Both of these options are a big benefit when communicating short notices and important information that can not wait til the next scheduled club meeting.
The TXT to FLY texting is optional and understand that ceratin rates and cost maybe incured so we do ask that the club all-members email be required so you may be kept updated on club notices that may affect field operations and club business that requires membership awareness and feedback. 
Your attention to this will greatly improve our communication among all of you and the BOD/Officers.  The Field Operations Crew is currenlty being led by Earl Jr and Sr which we greatly appreciate their dedication and drive to maintain our club field to its great presentation to all. 


Look for these 2023 Upcoming Events

2022 is in the rear view mirror and what a fantastic year it was.  Our events grew again and in 2023 we plan to host five events again so mark your calendars to make sure you don't miss out. Event registration information and links can be found on our Event Flyers and Information page from the Guest Menu on the left and also the Events Registration Menu when applicable


EDF Jet Jam  

The 2023 dates are June 8 -10, Thu - Sat

For anyone that took pictures and wishes to share a link, please send the link to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and include your name for the credit.

Links will be posted under the Event header in the Events and Information page, linked over to the left.



Mint Julep Scale Contest.

The 2023 dates are June 16 - 18 Fri - Sun  

  With great weather for three days, the 51st Mint Julep Scale meet was successful and enjoyed by all.  Post event pictures and awards

will be posted soon.  Thanks to all of the club members that helped and provided another great Mint Julep.



Micro Jets over Rosewood,  This event is focused on the EDF to turbine conversions, this year up to 70N motors will be allowed.

The 2023 dates are August 25-27,

Micro jets over Rosewood Registration



 Warbirds and Classics of the Bluegrass with lots of unique vintage and warbird aircraft!  This event keeps growing each year.

The 2023 dates are September 21 - 23 Thu - Sat  ****Registration opened June 6th.  Check out the registrant list


Bill Beach Jet Classic - jet fuel and kerosene burning through the day and sitting around the campfire at night!

The 2023 dates are October 4 - 7 Wed - Sat

Bill Beach Jet Classic Registration

PDF version of Flyer is posted on the events page



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 Click here for a:  360 Degree view of our flying site


A huge THANK YOU to all of those that attended and/or worked events at Rosewood RC Flyers in 2022!

Five very well attended events that helps the club keep moving and providing a great venue

for all to enjoy. 



Click Here For 2019 EDF Jet Jam Video (Thanks Horizon)


Click Here For 2017 Warbirds Event Video




Welcome to Rosewood Radio Control Flyers flying field, the only field large enough to accommodate Turbine powered aircraft in
the Southern Indiana area.

We hosted the 2010, 2012 & 2014 US Scale Masters!

***Visit Our YouTube Channel***

Not yet into the hobby and looking for a start?

With an 800 x 50 Paved runway, 4 paved Taxiways, we can accommodate the largest and fastest of Turbine powered jets! Turbines not your thing?

GPS Coordinates for the airfield
38.031627 Latitude
-85.928664 Longitude